Wicked Broadway Musical in NYC

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The Broadway musical is fantastic, impressive, spectacular, surprising, fascinating and best of all we can live romance, humor, drama, choreographic dances, grandiloquent choirs and everything else, but also include topics such as the rejection of different , the discrimination of friends, the defense of animals, the figure of the Wizard of Oz as a symbol of deception and social control, which put on the table allegories applicable to more real and contemporary situations.

The impressive vocal talent of its interpreters is vital to the impact that the work has on the public. For this season the young singers Jackie Burns and Amanda Jane Cooper do an extraordinary job in the roles of Elphaba and Glinda, respectively. While it is true that those who stand out are the protagonists, the appearances of secondary characters and choirs is also remarkable. Wicked Broadway Musical in NYC is a unique experience which is worth living at least once, although when you enjoy that spectacular experience you will want to repeat it more times

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