Types of portable air conditioners

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Your classification can be made depending on the meters you have the area you need to air condition, so general rule will be necessary through 100 and 140 BTU per square meter.

Portable air conditioners an extension of ten to 20 m2: For these dimensions, the ideal are appliances through 1,500 and 2,000 BTU.

To air-condition an extension of twenty to 30 m2: If you want to air-condition surfaces of this dimension, you will need a device of between 2,000 and three with fifty BTUs.

Double canopy system: The main advantage of this standard is that it reaches the comfort temperature in half the duration of conventional single tube systems. It incorporates a conduit for air evacuation and different for the intake of condensation air, so that the air cooling is achieved more quickly since no air is expelled from the interior of the room.

You must also take into account in what area of ​​your house you are going to place it. In general, mobile devices are more noisy than fixed ones, so if you need to air-condition a room, it is advisable to have a suitable stable air, which is more surly: 24 decibels of sound pressure.

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