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There is no specific age at which to undertake to consume an anti-wrinkle cream. For some women it will be at thirty something and for others, after forty years As explained by Mercedes Abarquero, Scientific Officer of Vichy Laboratories, “with the passage of space, we have to adapt the treatment we use to our needs. For example, there is a first stage in which we notice that our daily moisturizer does not correct certain aspects that appear on our skin, whether they are signs of fatigue or lack of clarity. a treatment that improves the quality of the skin and also prevents the vision of the first lines of expression.After a few years, in the time that wrinkles are currently marked and our skin loses firmness, we have to start using a treatment anti-wrinkle in such a way “.

Anti-wrinkle creams not only act on wrinkles. Did you know that the passage of age on the skin still causes loss of firmness, signs of fatigue, abnormal and dull tone or more marked features? That is why it is important to know how to choose a comprehensive treatment that acts on the main signs of aging. One of the best creams to stop skin aging is Hydra Claire due to its characteristics and beneficial properties for the skin.

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